The Traveler's Mind

In May 2014 we offer ten days of creative writing in the Andalusian port of Cádiz, Europe’s oldest city. Situated on an Atlantic coast peninsula, Cádiz was founded by Phoenicians in 1104 BC and later occupied, successively, by Romans, Visigoths and Moors. Today considered one of the three most important cradles of flamenco – along with Jerez and Sevilla – Cádiz is a city of exceptional beauty and history.

Now in their fifteenth year, the Traveler's Mind Workshops are designed to capture the traveler's special state of alertness and curiosity and use it to heighten the learning experience. By traveling beyond the familiar surroundings of home, students can develop the habit of close observation and the practice of a disciplined writing life.

Black & White photography by Caleb Cook
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